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In-House Traffic | Advanced Monetization Packs | RTB & Automated Optimization

Seeking for Fresh Audience?

Our supply is based on Direct traffic channels through In-house Apps distribution. Browser Add-on and Toolbar traffic built ontop of our BrowserG platform as well as content and streaming sites.

Automation as a Service!

DigitalFlare offers unique technologies to optimize on-the-go any ads channel. We offer this technology in SaSS basis. XML feeds & offer automatic optimization, Feed aggregation, RBT funneling

Who are We?

DigitalFlare is a veteran in the field of app distribution & online marketing where it operates in synergy several sub-brands accross the entire market ecosystem that complement each other

We offer both Advertisers and Marketer a unique opportunity to collaborate in our pursue of premium demand. Also, we offer some of our technoloy in SaSS basis for potential collaroators

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